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First time clients must provide required business documents which will be requested upon order placement, please ask about payment options and delivery condition. Each party to the transaction will receive a copy of the invoice, a detailed account of the order and merchandise sold, click HERE .to see Invoice Sample.

Available product brands, sizes and styles are subject to change without notice. Descriptions of our products can not be taken literally and do not constitute an offer of sale according to art. 66 § 1 of the Polish Civil Code.

The primary form of payment is bank transfer. Payments are made prior to dispatch of each order. Credit terms are available on a discretionary basis upon the placement of a security deposit and the signing and acceptance of our business credit contract.


All customers are individually responsible for the creating final sales tags of goods purchased for resale in the Republic of Poland, in accordance with “Ustawa o Swobodzie Działalności Gospodarczej z Dnia 02.07.2004 art. 20 points 1 & 2” (Declaration of firm, business address, and category of goods as required by law.) Customers will receive all required information pertaining to our business as an importer, and are thereby asked to properly mark goods purchased from BELLMAR S.C.